Sample this Instead
"love the truth"


##//Emergency Broadcasting latest Intel..

##//Timestamp is: August 3, 14:14hrs and 2 seconds..

It has come to our attention through multiple sources confirmed that the hyperspeed in construction of nuclear weapons all over the globe has reached its peak.

It is with the most sadness in our hearts that we have seen Time for humanity shortened by days in the last year, but especially in the last two months.

We ask our almighty Father in Heaven to have mercy on the souls that dwell in this earth.

New calculations have to made and i am currently busy seeking answers to solve this questionable mystery.

If further measures have to made for us, relating to the calculation of april below this messages is yet to be seen.

As soon as you read this message, you are ordered to login to our system and read the files i left there that proves this shaping of reality, space, and time as we speak.

It is not that you dont know, but i will never the less say so anyway..

Be bold, be strong, and stay close to our Father and do not allow the enemy to weaken your position in any way.

The time to fulfill your task in the greatest eternal army all of creation has ever seen has come.

You are secure yourself even more, and start preparing to suddenly disband your crew and prepare yourself for the worst possible scenario..

Lets go do this.. and be thankful for the protection God has given us and has brought us to this point in time to be of service and save the wandering souls dwelling the earth to point them the way home.


you were never here to live for anything else, than to love God and the souls around you.. and to overcome the enemy of all life.


Cpt. T

##// Calculating Time left to communication shutdown..

##//Timestamp is: April 19, 23:22hrs and 23 seconds..

##//Emergency Broadcasting collected Intelligence..

Calculations completed.

Communication shutdown between all worldwide Team Members

 is on August 23 at 23:58hrs.

Immediate communication shutdown.

TeamCaps Communication only as of that Time Stamp.

Until December 23rd when all communication will be disbanded.

In case of an emergency shutdown.. 

Disband all Teams through encrypted text messages.

 In the following enabled group chat in Crypto Chat under supervision of TeamCap TRX. 

Group Chat Name: R.S.I Guardians

The password is the name of the statue located in this picture:

##//Data.. and Intel collecting Complete.

##//ETL is calculated on the number of proven facts up til the 10th of April.

After conclusively 27 years the time has come to withdraw from communication.. disbanding Teams and/or split up in pairs.

I didnt think we had to do this just yet.. but after calculating time space and dimensional shift.. according to the word of God.

we have no other option than to withdraw communication between members and only rely on communication if only absolutely needed between the Caps.

Project Developments

So far two souls have joined our Team.

Social forum has yet to be created, so people can contact each other.

Season 4 of Til Kingdom is currently in progress and will move towards to a Project related Reality Show instead of Educative Infotainment series.