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About me


So here we are than and this is it folks!

You made it to here, so why not go all the way right?

So.. people call me Markus.. i'm 42 years old and live in the Netherlands. I have been a Singer/songwriter, Musician, Writer, and Guard. Just so you know.. i am a High Sensitive Person and very much a man of spirit.

In 2016 i started calling in to the radioshow coast to coast am with George Noory, sharing my two cents of life experience. That's when i got the idea to Create a Podcast show with the name Sample This Instead. I recorded one season and thought it was time for something new. I like to interview a lot of interesting people who have gained experience and knowlegde, truth and wisdom in these biblical endtimes that we live in.

In europe and certainly the netherlands we dont have talkshows like this concerning these biblical endtimes and the New World Order. i wanted to create a platform for people, through means of this website, combined with youtube and facebook. To interview the people who are fully aware and are contributing for the Truth to be spread across the world. So knowledge gets shared, across vast distances.

By introducing these brothers and sisters (often americans) to dutch/european listeners.

So to eventually awake more souls, to get christians in the netherlands and europe talking about endtimes, and to prepare them spiritually. Of course also to give people a source to go to so they can pickup valuable information, lifelessons and (biblical) Truth.


Skype Interview Wishlist

- Steve Quayle

- Anthony Patch

- George Noory

- Xander

- Kev Baker

- Trey Smith

- L.A. Marzulli

- Gonz Shimura

and many others.

You can find the Links to their'e websites here