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 Hi my name is Markus.. Born in the Netherlands.. in 1975.

 I am a High Sensitive Person and very much a man of spirit. 

An angelic spirit.

I started a non-profit media company called Guideline Films.

After making multiple short films i started a podcast show called 

Sample This Instead.

Eventually it grew out to be the brand and domain name of this website.

As of April 2019 i started an online TV series called "Til Kingdom Come".

This series is now in it's 4th Season

The plan is to move the whole series to this website so you can view it here in the Video/Audio section.

The Goal is to bring you all sorts of knowledge and life experiences, that will help you cope with the coming Great Tribulation.

Mixed with Biblical Prophecy and current events in the world around us.

So to eventually awake more souls, to the Truth, originating from the one and only Truth, Jesus Christ. 

And to get like-minded.. Awakened.. Aware brothers/sisters together and to offer you a free platform.

This website is constantly renewing, and a forum is under construction at this time. Once ready a link will be available in the Intel section of this page.

Also giving you a chance to become a Team Member of this project to eventually help each other in these perilious end times and great tribulation period.

If you have any questions concerning End Times, Prophecy, or Teamwork related questions towards the Great Tribulation.. You are welcome to contact me at any time. 

You can find the contact details in the contact section of this website.

Greets and Gods Blesses to you and your loved ones.

Thanks for those souls who made this all possible.



Contact info

You can contact Markus by email:

or using skype: Markus Barendregt, The Netherlands.

or WhatsApp: +31 6 429 92 095

or by Phone.. you can call the following number:

+31 6 396 82 474

Team Invitation

We are looking for hardened and adult warriors of God,

who Love God above all else and their 

fellow human souls as their own.

Who can stand ground in the coming great tribulation.

We are not looking for pre-trib bible text parrots, know it all better's,

without real love and without doing any real work for Christ.

If you are ready to make a commitment as a volunteer, 

within a team of highly dedicated brothers and sisters, 

you may contact our Team Captain for more Information.