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About Us:

We are a Crew.. to create a once in a lifetime Experience for individuals. 

From individual to individual. 

We call this Operation "Pro Optics".

Which is referring to Living in Perspective instead of Perception.

There are too many problems into today's world which are not being solved.

We are a Crew with high morals..  love for God and Humanity.

We protect the knowlegde we have, we serve, and we better the quality of life of souls who are on own paths.

We recognize that by guiding individuals through walking with them, giving them that one Life Event that wil give them a boost. 

To show them the door, is more important for people, than to see them trying to keep afloat.

You can follow the progress the Operation on this website in the Broadcast Deck


Captain: Markus aka Westecks

First Mate: Water Man

Operative 1 :Sparrow

Operative 2: Inner Core

Operative 3: Slow Mo

Operative 4: Sparkling Fedora

Operative 5: Focus

Operative 6 : Blinks

Operative 7: Vitality

Operative 8:  Lyrics

Operative 9: Iron G

Operative 10  "-- RESERVED --"